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Wondering what it's really like around here? Here are some testimonials straight from the source.

"Marisa is a fabulous voice teacher and delightful person to work with. She quickly put me at ease about singing and made voice lessons a high point in my week. I was impressed with her creativity in finding activities and exercises to address whatever voice challenges I happened to be experiencing, and her ability to bring music theory to life. I would recommend Marisa to anyone from beginners to performers."

"Marisa is an excellent voice teacher! She has a passion for teaching and for music which shows up as a deep interest in what her students want to learn. She uses her extensive knowledge of music to locate songs that match your interests. With Marisa I had more interesting options of what to work on next than I knew what to do with. Importantly for me Marisa is a completely approachable person and a pleasure to be around. I was self-conscious about singing but she quickly put those concerns at ease. I highly recommend Marisa."

"Thanks so much for all of your help Marisa. You are an awesome teacher. I truly have a blast every time I'm working with you, and I love the fact that you help me build upon things I'm learning in my other music classes which helps me better understand. I was listening to an old recording the other day of my singing and I compared it to a more recent recording and not only can I feel the change in my voice, I can hear it! I feel truly blessed to be able to study with you! Thanks for all your time and patience."

"Thanks for the amazing lesson. I really owe you one, I was afraid I was going to lose my voice, and then....what do you know...I was more confident than ever."

"I still think that you are the most inspired voice teacher that I know."

"I just wanted to say thanks for your constant positive approach and support - I always leave your lesson feeling like anything is possible!"

"This whole experience has been a total treasure. I feel very lucky to have found you."

"She always looks forward to her voice lessons.  You have been a wonderful teacher!! Every time after she has class with you she comes home with a refreshing outlook and positive mood."
(Quote from a student's parent)

"I always appreciate your guidance and spirit! Thank you."

"I studied with Marisa for two years--what a fantastic teacher. Every time I arrived for lessons she had a thoughtful course of music prepared based on listening to my interests and her extensive knowledge of music and what I should be working on vocally. A truly exceptional teacher."

"She has improved tremendously--thank you for your good work with her. The voice is opening up, has a warm vibrato to it, and as soon as the focus sets in, she'll have a good deal more volume. This is very exciting!" 

(Quote from private student's Class Voice teacher)

"Marisa combines her extensive knowledge of form and function with the intuition of a psychologist and the grace of an artist. She teaches her students to value excellence in singing as a way to express an excellent life fully lived. The result opens the door to our true voice, waiting to be discovered, refined, and made whole."

"Marisa--the Best Voice Coach and Singer! Thank you so much Marisa for all of my lessons. I really appreciate every single thing you taught me."

"We are grateful for your wonderful inspiration and music/voice instruction, and also your friendship."  

(Quote from a student's parent)

"Marisa, Just want to let you know how much I appreciate all of your help these past few weeks. Thank you so much for your time and patience. The rep you've chosen is awesome and I look forward to working it to perfection with you!"

"You've been so flexible and helpful.  You really helped open my voice today, and I felt so good after my callback audition!"

"I really want to thank you for all the wonderful teaching you gave our daughter--she really enjoyed her audition yesterday and stayed for two callbacks! She's had so much fun in her lessons with you. And she's learned SO much from you already!" 

(Quote from a student's parent)

"The past few months have been a wonderful experience exploring this new skill I was always told I'd be no good at. And while I'm definitely no Broadway singer, I can sing with a confidence I never had before. You were a fantastic, encouraging, intelligent teacher and I enjoyed each lesson immensely, even though I may come off as shy. I'm really grateful for how far I've come and everything I've learned. Thank you!"

"We are so fortunate to have found such a devoted and conscientious teacher in you!" "I just wanted to send off a note to you after my new teacher gave you a very nice compliment - I'm in New York now, started AMDA two weeks ago! My voice teacher is wonderful, she's a retired performer now but she was 5 seasons with NY City Opera and has done over 40 Broadway shows! It's quite a privilege to learn from her. Today she told me though that while I do have some basic catching up to do as I've only done lessons for a year, she said that in the year that I did take lessons, it was evident that I had a good teacher! She said that she likes my tone, and I know that in the year I took lessons from you my voice grew a LOT."